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In 2013 Jiri Marjan got an idea to create a balance bike for his daughter Josephine, who was due to be born at that time.

"As I had long term experience with the development of bicycles for adults I knew that the balance bike will be light, user friendly, beautiful and especially full suspension one. I like riding my bike and I know that suspension not only provides excellent riding conditions, but also protects my body from harmful vibrations."

During next two years of development Jiri Marjan join together with his longtime friend and a great designer Pavol Mikulas. They created Model J ™ - the first full suspension balance bike in history that can grow with your child.



jiří marján

Design engineer and Re pello® founder




Jiří Marján is a design engineer whose mission is to create unique bikes that combine full suspension, lightweight, perfect ergonomics, quality materials and superior design.



Pavol Mikuláš





 Pavol Mikuláš is a multidisciplinary designer who believes that design focuses on man can make our planet a better place to live. He believes in the power of positive thinking and concentration on the user.









Our values inspire us and only because of them we were able to create something unique. A revolutionary full suspension balance bike Model J™.Model J™ combines sophisticated technical solutions and cutting-edge design. To provide the perfect quality and workmanship, we produce it for you in the Czech Republic.Model J™ was  created for our children. We contribute to their healthy development, teach them the respect for nature and let them experience the joy of riding.

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