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How to set up the height of the sadle well?

Measure the distance from the crotch of the child to the ground. According to this select one of the two seat posts (included). Then place it to an appropriate position.When sitting on the bike the child should have bended knees and thewhole feet should touch the ground.

Can I manage the setting up of the suspension system on my own?

Yes! It is very easy. Suspension stiffness is set up by using the pins,which are inserted into the front and rear forks and covered with the cap. In the user manual you can find how many pins you should use. For heavier child you use more pins and vice versa.



Can the balance bike get wet?

Yes, when it is sometimes it does not matter. The balance bike is made from wood that is glued by water resistant glue. In addition, the whole surface of the balance bike has a final top coat or paint. Keep in mind, however, that it is wood, and a frequent exposure to water could eventually damage the balance bike. Follow the instructions in the user manual and show your children a responsible approach - how to take care of their first bike.

How should I maintain the balance bike properly?

Before each ride it is strongly recommended to check the proper tire inflation and tightening of all screws. After the ride, when the balance bike is dirty, clean it using a wet piece of soft fabric. That's all! Simple and effective. Enjoy it with your children. This game can develop their responsibility for the bike. They will surely enjoy it.

Balance bike

What is an LVS™ system?

LVS means "Low Vibration System". This is a unique suspension system of the front and rear wheel. Thanks to LVS™ the vibrations are significantly eliminated while riding on any surface. The ride is much more comfortable compared with riding a normal balance bike without a suspension. LVS™ system reduces vibration and contributes to the healthy development of the child´s musculoskeletal system.

What if any part on my balance bike breaks?

We provide standard warranty of 2 years from production defects. If you need to replace a part that wears out, please contact us. Surely we find a solution.

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