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It is very difficult to get references from children who are riding our balance bike. Most of them still can not speak properly :o) We thank to their parents, they do it for them. The greatest reward for our work are satisfied children's faces. If you want to share your experiences with us, we will be very happy. You can use our e-mail or Facebook. Thank you!



 RePello_laughing boy



Tomas Matejka

"Absolutely the best balance bike. Thanks to a complete suspension is for my small son very easy to go thru roots in the forest and so on. And finally the lightweight. When your child begins to strike and you need to bring it home. "


Tereza Zakovska 

"... thank you very much"


Jana Maderova Tuckova 

"Our daughter is an enthusiastic owner and user of this superb balance bike. So far we have not found any weaknesses and therefore never regretted that we buy this balance bike. It is beautiful, functional. When we ride all passers admire it. "


Tomas Cach

"My daughter is very satisfied and rides Model J very happy .... water and snow so far does not make any problem :-)"


Jana Adriana Auerová

"In one word - super. Lightweight, user-friendly, my small doughter rides like the Dragon, recommend to all. A very nice design ;-) "


Jindrich Sterba

"We are very happy with Model J."

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