The joy of move and play

The most common feedback to RePello products is laughter, shiny eyes and never-ending fascination with play. And that's thanks to RePello DNA. Something that cannot be described well enough in words - after all, our tiniest customers can't even talk yet. But the happiness on their faces is worth a thousand words.

Wood plays a key game

We have chosen wood as the main material for our toys for several reasons. It has excellent functional characteristics, looks nice and is pleasant to work with. What's more, ours is FSC-certified, which guarantees that it comes from a sustainably managed forest. Another advantage is the energy consumption of the production, which is much lower in the case of wood than, for example, metal materials.

Durability and Czech production

The combination of solid wood, high-strength birch plywood and a special coating make our toys hard to destroy products that can withstand the weather easily. Their durability is also improved by the other materials used. These include, for example, aircraft-grade aluminium alloys or reliable rolling and friction bearings. The production process is all done in the Czech Republic, and we carefully supervise every component to ensure that it functions as it should. So as long as you don't burn it in the fireplace or smash it with an axe, your great-grandchildren will still be riding it.

Ergonomics for children

When we were developing RePello products, we had the comfort and healthy development of the children in our minds. That's why we designed our toys in a way that children can sit or stand upright on them without slouching. Moreover, the unique design allows the child to move so naturally that he or she does not get tired of it after a very long time. We have also focused on the vibrations that are generated during the ride and have a negative influence on the child's spine and joints. Depending on the type of product, we therefore use either a special suspension system or soft tyres to minimise vibrations as much as possible. The ergonomics of the seats are also very important. Ours are shaped and softened so that they do not cause pressure sores for the child. Economically minded parents will probably be interested to know that our toys are designed to "grow", which means that the position of the seat can be easily adjusted to the size of the child. As a result, one balance bike will last a little champion much longer than the ordinary products on the market, from which the child quickly outgrows it (and it is necessary to buy another one).

Eye-catching design

Design is not just about looking good, but about the whole process from the first idea through careful research and engineering to the production itself. The design of our products thus combines intuitive use, superior ergonomics and a high aesthetic level. Moreover, RePello is one of the few toys that can boast success in prestigious design competitions. For instance, it has been nominated for the Czech Grand Design Award.

Ecology and health 

We take care of ecology when producing toys. Besides using wood from sustainable sources, we use the purest possible paints that are suitable for products for children under 3 years old. We deliver the toys partially disassembled, which saves a lot of packaging (100% recyclable, of course). In addition, all our products meet the EN 71 standard for toy safety and are suitable for children under 3 years old

A toy that the child respects

Imagine opening a cardboard box with your child. The joy is mixed with the expected adventure: now it's up to you to assemble the toy. You'll have a great time assembling it because the parts fit precisely and the user manual guides you unmistakably. Your children will be proud that you did it together and will respect the toy more. In fact, when a child is participating in its assembly, he or she will form a stronger connection to the toy and a feeling of responsibility that will remain.

Customer service

Hands on your heart - in how many toys imported from Asia have you had the manufacturer deal with you about warranty and after-sales service, technical questions or availability of spare parts? Due to the fact that we run a manufactory completely rooted in the Czech environment, we are really close to our customers. We design our toys to be very durable. And if something breaks, it's easy to fix. Most of the parts or small assemblies of our products can be easily replaced. We'll do our best to make sure your child enjoys the toy to the maximum - and you for years with them.